Prenatal diagnostics
G-TEST Non-invasive prenatal genetic test of fetal DNA
B-TEST Combined test for
the genetic risk assessment
Test for the early evaluation of
the risk of pre-eclampsia
Newborn screening
Metabolic Screening
Genetic Hearing Loss
Cell Banking, Factory and Therapy
Expanded Melanocytes for
the treatment of cutaneous achromia in vitiligo
ADSC for the treatment of dermatological diseases and imperfections  
Cell culture of autologous Fibroblasts for anti-aging treatments
Cultured Keratinocytes for the reconstruction of the oral and vaginal mucosa
Managing of diabetes
and obesity complications
Support of clinical research on diabetes and other major endocrine diseases.
Reduce the burden of diabetes through screening, early diagnosis, prevention strategies and novel therapies.
Medicine Clinic
Natural Beauty Programs

Regenerative and preventive medicine
within framework of holiday atmosphere
Medical Tourism

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